Crane Designs Unfinished Hybrid Body Stratocaster Sheduacherry Telecaster 4LB 13OZ

 Crane Designs Unfinished Hybrid Body Telecaster Stratocaster

Model : STRATOCASTER/TELECASTER, To Fit: Electric Guitar, Country/Region of Manufacture: USA, Brand: CRANE DESIGNS


The final sanding is up to you. I would be happy to add an f hole for in most cases the round over will completed you, but you still want follow up and check all of corners radius. Some bodies are sprayed with a protective finish. This body is cut very similar to the shape of a STRATOCASTER but accepts hardware TELECASTER.

The top and back will be drum sanded flat, so you can expect it to fairly level true fits standard fender hardware fits vintage tele bridge standard control cavityss4lb 13ozi drill 7/8 in side jack hole on request please read clear expectations are key an important purchase. This body turned out really nice the main reason for is to keep grease and oil from seeping into wood. If the body contains string through holes with drilled ferrules there is a chance will not be perfectly aligned ferrule. This is the only way CRANE -DESIGNS offers bodies.

This is common due to the bit drifting in wood. Pictured pick guard not included, I would be happy to add it for note that during sanding you are also adjusting the neck angle. If something seems completely off- let me know. Ultimately this is one of the most important processes during building a guitar.

Please read and be aware of the following: 1. However, due to slight differences in each manufactures process, a small bit of fudging may be required. These bodies have been rough sanded if it already sprayed, will come off anyways with your final sanding. This body features a 3d chamber, which means you get full cambering with tummy cut.

On my user name and find custom order listing. You will not be happy with your guitar if quickly bolt a neck on it and slap finish. While most are designed to fit standard neck pockets, none ever exact. A small amount of sanding is required to get them fit snugly.

This ensures the best possible fit these instruments are cut with care and precision. Even fender necks have a relatively large amount of variation, and the same models are commonly known to fit differently. The pick guard is optional. I noticed a rough spot where it needs bit more sanding, so took closer picture of it, but this body really is top notch.

While you do not have to be a professional Luther build quality instrument, need precise and patient. All critically aligned sections, such as the neck, pickups, and bridge mounts are cut in one operation. The chamber actually curves inside body to match. Simply install the ferrules and chase out holes to connect with an 1/8 bit.

The solution, however, is very easy. You will get exactly what put into your instrument. The sides will also be rough sanded, and most of tooling marks removed. Have you ever wanted the sound of a tele but preferred shape strat. Perhaps just want something unique or different.

While the pockets are designed to fit standard fender necks, they cut slightly undersized reason for this wide variation of necks made by different vendors. Building a guitar is an extremely fun and rewarding process, however, there are some things you should know. Not what you are looking for. CRANE design specialized in custom orders. The more attention to detail you commit it, better your results will be.

Usually there is a simple answer. I really do want to a see picture of it once its completed. If you place a custom order can request it not to be sprayed. Look no further.

The neck pockets are sand-to-fit. About I am extremely excited to release this new model for CRANE -DESIGNS. This is not a base for your final finish, and will need to be sanded off.



  • brand: Crane Designs
  • model: Stratocaster/telecaster
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  • to fit: Electric Guitar
  • country/region of manufacture: United States


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