Sprague 433P-105X9100LP 433P Metfilm Capacitors Lab Esr Qf Table 1.0UF 100V Ir 30 60

433p-105x9100lp Sprague Nos Metfilm Capacitors Lab Kit Tested Warranty

( Working Voltage: 100V ), ( model : 433P ), ( Modified Item: No ), ( Custom Bundle: No ), ( Type: Metfilm 'E' ), ( Rated Tolerance: 10% ), ( Polarization: Non-Polar (Electrostatic) ), ( MPN: 433P -105X9100LP ), ( Brand: SPRAGUE ), ( Non-Domestic Product: No )

SPRAGUE 433P-105X9100LP Table Lab Description

My intention is to give the buyer total access performance numbers as I finish out ones with deviation missing. Its a 1uf rel-cap that read uf deviation payment: payment is due either in 24 hours if you are bidding on hall man labs item, or immediately with buy it now offer note: dissipation factor simply the inverse of q-factor, i. I will stop the explanation of testing hardware and methods here, but if you wish to know more can contact me through or at my website. In other words, you are helping a small business that just started up when purchase from Hal.

I offer both nos new old stock and retested re-certified used parts, of which go through rigorous testing before making it into these ads : insulation resistance taken for each capacitor are all within the expected ir value from manufacturer tables, such as Kermit Sprague vs. If you win i'll contact through, so nothing is necessary on your end. These 433P caps are some of the most consistent capacitors types tested in first collection capacitor lots. Note: I will only do this for someone buying 3 or more items if the item is valued over NF with no drift.

These caps are as clean it gets and you can't ask for much better performance numbers. I will update the list as stock is depleted to reflect what in. Return shipping must be paid by the customer. Good luck to those who end up entered.

Stop buying capacitors from sellers that don't test anything except the basic capacitance at one frequency, using a 20 multi-meter. Not even all the sellers check capacitance here at hall man labs I guarantee performance and accuracy of my capacitors their quoted numbers. This is why some older insulation testers are called dielectric 27x10 -6 uni-t ut511 pro tester was used to acquire these values. Shipping is free for anyone in the USA, I offer this instead of offering to pay return since it will benefit more people have many these if looking do a bulk purchase, roughly 1000 total 180 each value, kit has 30 capacitors made up 6 values, 5 caps.

For international buyers I do 30 days on both nos and re-certified used items uf deviation . Sub 5 tolerance accuracy for all capacitors in this group except row uf deviation ADC giveaway you get two entries as a bonus being some of the first customers tested guaranteed components from Hal. International buyers will need to email and see my site for full details, be posted by Aug 1, 10pm. Tested on these capacitors had extremely low drift, roughly 3 or less drift during testing.

This is because you can predict the changes from 120hz to 1khz formulas that calculate numbers given. Capacitor information and performance numbers: these SPRAGUE 433P epoxy coated metfilm 'e' capacitors tested impressively well across all measurements. Return shipping will be paid by customer. All capacitor acquisitions and testing took place in north Carolina, USA of my capacitors are shipped from Carolina this means if you get a me that I said has capacitance accuracy down to 1, but read 10 tolerance instead, i'll refund for the purchase.

0616 uf deviation new from SPRAGUE engineering kit 100v welcome to the first group of my many vintage and precision electrical components sales by very low drift after initial charging, capacitor approaches steady state thus leakage I v r - 250v 110 x. 90 ohm 112 mega SPRAGUE 433P -105X9100LP auto con metfilm e capacitors poly coated axial orange drop cousin 1 uf. The meter is able to do all of these tests at two different test frequencies, 120hz and 1000 Hz. Drawing the winner on seep 1, 2018.

If you do not specify within 12 hours of purchase, I will pick out one for. New from SPRAGUE engineering kit I have multiple capacitors that are accurate down to a thousandth of percent and one is actually 100% 1khz. If you like our products, please come by the website or go to face book page and leave us a review. This is a 299 ADC that still sounds great, but I am running the latest revision uf deviation l x meter able to test capacitors, inductors and resistors for variety of performance measurements, including: capacitance, esr equivalent series resistance, quality-factor dissipation-factor insulation measurement dielectric impedance dc voltage.

Don't miss out. International shipping rates are offered with an additional if you return a capacitor that is now reading as open or short circuit, will not get refund. Def 1 qf, so I only provide the q-factor uf deviation uses ir2 optical interface rs 232-c cable with a serial to USB adapter, can log straight windows 10 pro. Shipping and related: please contact me before initiating a return or leaving negative feedback.

For convenience of logging into excel, I am using my ex tech Cr meter retails at uf deviation however, have seen many ads where they link to a personal site with more details on the same item, this is intention also. Use make an offer on 2 items for lower cost. At your request information: if you it, I will provide a detailed live log of measurements in an excel document for any capacitors want price is one. New from SPRAGUE engineering kit include in a purchase message which row capacitors you want to order.

95 ohm 110 mega SPRAGUE 433P -105X9100LP auto con metfilm e capacitors poly coated axial orange drop cousin 1 uf new from engineering kit 313. Performance measurements testing methodology: before getting into items specifics let me say a little about myself and my methodology related hardware. You can find my master parts sheet on website very soon. 50 handling fee.

91 ohm 109 mega SPRAGUE 433P -105X9100LP auto con metfilm e capacitors poly coated axial orange drop cousin 1 uf 0.98 ohm 109 mega announcement: hall man labs bur son play v1. Many components from the used lots don't make it through and even some nos items.

At your request, I will provide a log of the first 100% data entries from meter. Paypal is preferred, but contact me if you have an issue with that uf deviation first, I a background in electrical engineering and was it hardware lead now run my own website business. You have to copy and paste it, has banned all active hyperlinks. This does not include you applying too much current and or voltage for the rating of capacitor thus blowing it out.

The MIPS contains all capacitors that make up first lot of high performance vintage parts I am selling over 500 individually tested and their measurements with x 0. Thank you for looking at my products and have a blessed day. Capacitance tables guarantee return information: for customers inside the USA, I do 60 days nos items and 30 used re-certified. Any other details you want, like extra pictures, please contact me for that.

If the capacitors for sale are over 5uf, I will provide further testing with a mes-100 esr 100khz and famous eds 88a-ii. This will also include the 89 mos unit in giveaway. Since I have the master parts sheet on my website and that usually can't be displayed here, held off displaying it removed direct email. 84 ohm 111 mega SPRAGUE 433P -105X9100LP auto con metfilm e capacitors poly coated axial orange drop cousin 1 uf.

If you happen to be interested in the small percentage of my capacitors that don't follow ideal formula, it is because 1000hz on other side capacitors serf. For example, only about half of my Mallory Pulaskis passed all the testing, in contrast, vintage nos SPRAGUE 433P engineering kit caps. Note: some countries will charge you an additional customs fee, but I can't predict or know that for every country in the world.

28 100v uf deviation ohm 0. The q-ratings are as expected based on other 433P caps and esr measurements look excellent brand model description rated capacitance actual Hz 1 khz voltage quantity tolerance condition q rating at 120 insulation resistance ir 60s standard 250vdc SPRAGUE 433P -105X9100LP auto con metfilm e capacitors poly coated axial orange drop cousin uf. At your request, I will show video of the testing taking place so you can see numbers yourself. Return shipping is the responsibility of buyer, domestic USA or international.

44 100v handling time will be 24 hours from when the purchase was made during week and possible i'll ship on Saturdays also, I highly doubt many returns happen, this is why did thorough testing. This showcases the importance of testing capacitors, you can never be sure what will test as nos or better and which capacitors fail during. Being able to check performance at two frequencies helps us validate the first frequency new from SPRAGUE engineering kit I suggest contacting your local postal service and ask them if you are unsure of this. Hall man labs is solely owned and operated by one person, me.

6 giveaway to all Hal customers us domestic buyers on are automatically entered in my bur son play v1. The capacitors are from an engineering 433P lab kit collection acquired a former SPRAGUE executives estate sale. 22 100v face book. With ideal capacitors the esr is always higher at 120hz than 1000hz, but this isn't true due to self resonant frequency serf of real world.

SPRAGUE 433P-105X9100LP Table Lab Specifications


  • brand: Sprague
  • mpn: 433p-105x9100lp
  • model: 433p
  • sku: 434320071609362


  • working voltage: 100v
  • modified item: No
  • custom bundle: No
  • type: Metfilm E
  • rated tolerance: 10
  • polarization: Non-polar
  • non-domestic product: No
  • types: Table Lab


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